Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Leasing & Sales

Finding or selling the perfect location and space for your business is imperative to your company’s success.  When you have an experienced, full-time team of agents that know this market specifically, combined with skilled negotiation tactics and exceptional relationships with local commercial brokers and vendors, you get a division that can assist you with all your leasing and sales needs.

Tenant Representation

Whether you’re starting, renewing, relocating, consolidating or expanding your business operations, WK’s Commercial Division can help. With a full-time team, WK’s Commercial Division stays up-to-date on capitalization rate trends, vacancies and local players.  We know who has available properties and what each of the major landlords’ lease requirements entail. If you’re looking to move into a space or fill a vacancy, WK can help!

1031 Exchanges

Whether you’re working with a traditional 1031 exchange or a more complicated title holding exchange, time frames are critical.  Our team understands that, which is why their experience in this particular area holds vast advantages for you. Not only do they know the best exchange intermediaries with which to work across the nation, they also understand the importance of identifying the replacement property and the intricate details to ensure the IRS accepts the exchange.   If a 1031 exchange is in your future, consider calling us today!

Apartment Sales

The complexity of an apartment sale contract is unique in the real estate industry.  The number of intricate details regarding current leases, security deposits and filling vacancies takes a practiced hand to negotiate.  Lending requirements, sensitive financial information and capitalization rates must be considered when buying or pricing the property and a knowledgeable WK Commercial agent can greatly assist in the process, regardless of the size and scope of your apartment.

Investment Analysis

Investment analysis requires more than just an aptitude for mathematics and spreadsheets.  It requires someone who knows the ever changing market conditions and can accurately speak to what the proformas, capitalization rates, triple nets (nnn), and property valuations are right now.  Price matters, regardless if you’re buying or selling, if you want to make a smart business decision. An agent with strong analytical skills will assist you in determining what decision is right for you.

Our Listings

Check out our current listing and lease options.  We represent clients in all major commercial segments from industrial and office space to retail, agriculture, land, flex, and multi-family sales.

Recent Closings

We’re actively selling and closing properties all the time. Whether it’s a large apartment building or small one-person office space, check out our latest sales.

Find the Right Broker

Finding the right agent is imperative to a successful and positive buying, selling or leasing experience. As commercial real estate is drastically different than residential real estate, you’ll want to find an agent that specializes in commercial deals. They’ll know the local business owners, the tenants and the current market considerations for pricing or buying a property. You’re likely be spending a lot of time with your agent, so make sure it’s someone you can see yourself conversing with for the long term. In addition to looking for someone with experience and knowledge of your industry’s spacing needs, it’s also important to discuss how they conduct business and what services they provide.

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